Your First Online Ice Cream Van


A good ice cream man is like an old friend. Someone you can always rely on, someone who is always on time and someone who always makes you smile. After serving customers up and down the country at festivals and fairs as well as on our rounds; Me, Joe and Lewis are ready to spread our joy to everyone with the launch of Click ‘N’ Lick.

Whether you’re hosting a party, need something to cool down the team in a hot office or just looking for a unique gift idea, we will deliver a cooler box of ice cream directly to your door.

Rediscover that unique ice cream man experience with childhood favourites such as Rocket Lollies, Apple Cider Refreshers or Cherry Brandy Lollies; indulgent high street brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Walls and Cadburys; or visit or authentic gelateria featuring luxurious flavours such Cioccolato, Stracciatela or Fiore Di Latte. We have it all!

So come on in, have a look around and then just let us know what you want. We can’t put any sauces or nuts on it for you this time, but you have our word that we’ll put a smile on your face.


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