Your First Online Ice Cream Van


Trees are up, advent calendars are being opened and it’s xmas advert after xmas advert on the telly – we love it!

In fact the only thing we don’t love about this time of year is the endless palaver over what present to give someone. But we think we may have the answer: ice cream!

Whether it’s one of your best friends, a fond family member or some wally in the office secret santa, what better gift to give than ice cream? I mean seriously, who doesn’t love ice cream?!

And don’t stop there, a couple of boxes of ice cream and lollies will go down a treat at the Xmas office party. Ok sure there’ll be the usual spills and thrills but what better way to cool down Chris from Sales than by putting a Calippo in his hand and telling him to chill out before he does something he might come to
regret in the morning.

So go on, get generous and whilst you’re at it, might as well get a box or two for yourself – it’s only fair.

Seasons Greetings

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