Your First Online Ice Cream Van

Month: January 2018


One of the things we love about ice cream is how versatile it is. Everyone has their favourite way they like it; in a tub, in a cone, on a stick etc, but we love it when our customers think outside of the [cooler] box.

One of our favourite serving suggestions is getting your favourite gelato flavour, whacking it between some brioche buns and then proceeding to stuff your face. Perfect.

If you wanna take it old skool then why not try a twist on the good old fashioned Popeye. Take a generous helping of Fragola gelato and simply stick a retro Rocky Lolly in the side of it. Classic.

Fashionistas are always banging on about the importance of layering your clothes, but it’s much more fun to layer your favourite ice cream flavours in a sundae. We highly recommend putting together Cioccolato gelato and Flore Di Latte gelato with some mini Oreos, hot chocolate sauce and a sprinkle of choc chips. Mmmmm –mmm!

Failing all of that you can always just stick a spoon in the tub. Hard to beat that really?


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